HereCast is the place to find and share information that is interesting and important for your local community. Because we rely on content supplied by locals, we have created this set of standards to help provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all HereCast visitors.

We trust you to use HereCast in the interests of your local community, without needing exact guidelines spelled out.

We understand that not everyone is going to agree. Disagreement is perfectly fine if it is done respectfully. However, we reserve the right to remove any comments or posts that disrespect, harass or bait contributors and users. 

Please consider this common sense checklist as you consider posting on the site. If you answer yes to any of these questions, you might want to reconsider that post!

  • Are you resorting to name calling? Unfortunately some of the basic lessons learned in kindergarten seem to be lost when the internet is involved. Do not make personal attacks or threats. Keep things civil and constructive.
  • Are you posting somebody else’s content? Make sure this is yours before you post. If it’s something you didn’t create, please make sure you have permission to do so and cite where appropriate. What you post is your responsibility, and the liability is yours.
  • Is your content illegal? Don't post anything if it's likely to be considered as pornographic or obscene; Avoid nudity or anything sexually explicit. Don't promote illegal substances or activities. Don't promote violence, racism, bigotry, and hatred. Don't harass or bully anyone. 
  • Are you posting private information that isn't yours to share? Everyone deserves their privacy. There is no need to post information about someone who hasn't volunteered to make that information public already. 
  • Are you impersonating someone else or intentionally misleading readers? The internet gives an easy shield to hide behind, but you don't have the right to intentionally cause trouble by giving out misinformation or misrepresenting another source. 
  • Are you posting the same thing over and over? If you are thinking of posting the same article to multiple locations, please don’t. Instead, adjust it to show why it's relevant to the respective towns. Also, don’t post the same story over and over to get more views. That's really spammy and annoying to everybody. 

Hopefully that provides a quick way to evaluate your post prior to sharing it with your fellow locals. 

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